About Us

JL Innovators, LLC actually began as a project in a Bremen High School entrepreneurship class. In this class, four of us were put in groups based on our strengths. Then starting with an issue that bothered us, we went through an incubator curriculum that moved us through a series of steps to create a solution and eventually a business. 

At the end of the class, we were given the choice of whether to continue with the business idea. While two decided to drop out, Julio Martinez and Lextin Willis decided to continue and try to push the business to functioning status. With the help of Bremen community members, Rich Gramm, Loren Graber, Brenda Hochstetler, and many others, we were able to launch our consumer transaction model in December of 2020. 

Owners of JL Innovators, Julio Martinez and Lextin Willis holding up their invention, CordPuck.

With both owners being high school students, schedules became a conflict. Eventually, Julio decided it would be best to part ways with the business. Under the guidance of mentors and teachers, Lextin chose to continue on his own. Shortly after in November 2021, we launched our business-to-business transaction model, selling CordPucks to businesses as a promotional tool.

In early 2022, Lextin entered into STARTedUP Foundation's Innovate WithIN competition, the most prestigious High School pitch competition in the nation. In the state-wide competition, we were able to win the Region 7 competition and moved on to the final state level of the competition where we finished in the top 10 student-led startups in Indiana. The assistance and guidance received in this competition were exactly what we needed to take the next step to push the business forward. 

Lextin Willis, Region 7 Innovate WithIN competition winner, with the six local business leader judges

As we continue to grow, we are setting goals to guide us to our vision of the business. Our current goals include: 1) Keeping our customers happy! We want to fulfill every order within 2 days and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 2) Spreading the word! We want to reach as many people as we possibly can. Specifically, we would like to reach 1,000 website visits in our first couple of weeks. Please help us reach these goals by sharing our information and idea with your friends and family.